Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Process of Winning the Glocal Challenge

Aida and Ben have written great posts about the Glocal Challenge, and I just wanted to communicate what this project meant to me.
          My team (the Environmental Action Club) started out unsure of what exactly the project would entail. We figured we might as well try it out, and I am so glad that we did. We juggled many ideas of environmental issues, eventually deciding to tackle the Urban Heat Island effect and settling on the idea of green walls and green roofs.
         As we dove into the project, our level of commitment grew and we were finally on track to finishing this project strong. We found our passion in the subject, giving us the momentum to spend many afternoons together working on the project. I admire the Glocal Challenge for helping us to find such a great project and encouraging us to actually go through with it! We are now working on determining whether our school, Cambridge Rindge and Latin, would be able to support a green roof and possibly include an education part to the project. We are trying to incorporate CitySprouts, a Cambridge-based educational gardening program at the elementary schools, into our project in order to further this education side of green walls and roofs. We also hope to include the Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program in order to pay teens to maintain green walls and roofs. This would provide incentive for businesses in Cambridge to build them, as they would get free maintenance during the summer.
         The Glocal Challenge project has made me really excited about implementing an idea as complex as green walls and roofs around the Cambridge community, especially at the Cambridge public schools and businesses, such as in Kendall sq., an area of high development. I am looking forward to working with students from around the continent at the Global Student Leadership Council in three weeks to learn more about how to effectively convey and complete our aspirations! In conclusion, I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.


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