Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Monday/Tuesday Pictures (4/15 - 4/16)

Monday, 4/15
We stayed in the Arenal region for two nights, visiting many places near the hotel. Before our zip lining tour, we stopped by the side of the road to see the active volcano.
Zip lining was very exciting, and with our remaining energy we went to the base of a 75 meter tall waterfall where we stayed and swam for a couple of hours. (This is a picture from the top of the stairs we had to climb back up after swimming)
 When we got back from the waterfall, we visited a local coffee producer who went over the process of preparing beans to export. He explained that coffee growing can be a completely sustainable process if the producer burns the "parchment" or husk of the coffee bean for energy. The burnt parchment will also produce fertilizer for coffee plant nurseries. In this picture, the green beans have the yellow parchment removed. The beans only turn brown after roasting.

Tuesday, 4/16
Our guide bought us water apples from the side of the road... They have the consistency of pears and taste like sour plums.
After a long bus ride to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, we went on a crocodile/bird-watching safari. Here is a small crocodile cooling itself.
The driver got off of the boat to lure in some crocodiles and feed them chicken.
(Photo by Izzy Gray)

From the crocodile safari to the hotel, we stopped once more at a small school with about 35 students, grades 1 through 6. Some of the students performed several dances for us, eventually pulling us in to dance with them!
(Photo by Izzy Gray)


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