Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sunday pictures (04/14)

We've had a great three days so far in Costa Rica (wow, it doesn't seem like it's only been that long!). Several of the coolest things to me at the INBioparque were the immature pineapples and the finishing touch, a sloth hanging in a tree. I had heard that pineapples grow in bushes, but it was hard to imagine before actually seeing it.
One of the goals of our trip was to see a sloth, so we were surprised when we saw one on the first day here. Fun fact: Sloths are known to grab their own arm thinking it's a branch.
 Later, we went to hot springs and relaxed in the warm/hot water. Here are Zach, Anisha, and Eric enjoying themselves.
 Happy Birthday Aida! Here she is celebrating with a cake.
 We made sure to close our doors so that visitors such as this one did not get in.

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