Monday, March 18, 2013

What is the Glocal Challenge?

Hi everyone!
We're so glad that you have chosen to follow us as we embark on the adventure of a lifetime to Costa Rica. Hopefully this post will answer your questions about what we did to get there, and what we will do once we get there. In January we started our Glocal Challenge adventure. Glocal is a combination of Global and Local. This year's Glocal Challenge was about the environment. Our task? To identify a local environmental issue, isolate the problem, research global solutions to the same problem, and create an implementable solution. After a month of hard work, the competitions started. Fantastic ideas and presentations came together to the climax of the competition. When it was all said and done, two teams won trips to Costa Rica! The two winning teams projects were about paper usage and green roofs (more information to come on our projects!)
So, we have won this challenge, however our journey is far from over, What are we going to do in Costa Rica? We begin our 10 day venture on April 13 and return on the 22nd. Over the course of those 10 days will we explore Costa Rica for 8 days, and attend the Global Student Leaders Summit for the last 2 days. While traveling around Costa Rica we will traverse the rain forests by zipline, visit an active volcano, and participate in the reforestation of mangrove trees. At the Global Student Leaders Summit we will work with other students on our Glocal Challenges, and listen to Al Gore speak! Keep checking in on our blog and keep an eye out for our articles!

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